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About Copper Tech

  Pull on copper compression gloves from Copper Tech help give achy hands a break when you’re hard at work or while doing jobs around the house.

  Maker Lloyd Cohn broke two fingers when he was young and the injury continued to bug him throughout life, especially while he was working. This experience prompted Lloyd set out to create work gloves that would help hands feel better without getting in the way of a great grip.

  The compression in Copper Tech gloves help increase blood flow and ease discomfort in the hands, and the non-slip, extra-grippy grip lets you hold onto things like a club or tool with less tension.

  The gloves create a custom-like fit by expanding and contracting to your hand. And when Lloyd discovered that copper relieves joint pain, he made sure to use copper-infused material to round out the benefits his gloves have on-hand.


“The gloves fit perfectly! I’m very pleased and so is my wife (it was a Mother’s Day present). Thank you for the gloves and amazing customer service. I will purchase your gloves again for both my wife and myself. Thank you again.”


“I am desperate for a new pair of your amazing gloves! I have severe Arthritis in my hands & they help my grip enormously.”


“The benefits of copper in treating and preventing infection as well as being an established homeopathic remedy for arthritis are well known. It should therefore come as no surprise, that the Copper Tech Glove by Pocketec provides comfortable, supportive hand and finger support and protection with a great grip for the club. I wear one on each hand and highly recommend this glove."


I have a degenerative muscle disease which affects my ability to keep my grip on the golf club. I obtained two of your gloves and found them to be excellent as they had a rubberized grip. They were so good I ordered 5 more.

John K.