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Innovation Never Seen Before in a Golf Glove

  • Technology

    Copper infused technology improves health & performance.

  • Slip Resistance

    Non-slip, woven silicon patternimproves slip resistance.

  • Circulation

    Supports improved circulation & oxygenation of working muscles.

  • Prevents Fatigue

    Helps prevent strain & fatiqueby keeping muscles warm.

  • Wicks sweat away

    Wicks sweat awayfrom, the body to prevent chafing, rashes, & odor.

  • Pain Support

    Support for muscle stiffness, soreness & pain. Reduce recovery time of muscles.

Gardening Gloves

Copper-infused gardening gloves designed to improve circulation and oxygenation of joints and muscles help avoid strain and fatigue.

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Work Gloves

Compression work gloves help to give hands relief from aches while also giving you a better grip on the job at hand.

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Knee Sleeve

Don't let knee pain stop you in your tracks. Our new copper-infused knee sleeve is designed to provide maximum comfort and support so you can do the things you love pain free.

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