This Glove Will Help You Play 36 Holes A Day PAIN FREE!

Recommended by PGA Professionals for Golfers With Joint Pain and Arthritis.

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  • Re-Gain and Maintain Your Distance With Every Club

  • Play Golf Virtually Pain-Free

  • Keep a Firm Grip on the Club in Any Condition

  • Play WITHOUT a Death-Grip on the Club

  • Improve Circulation in Your Hands and Arms for Accuracy and Feel

  • Deal With Joint Discomfort WITHOUT Medications

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Improves Health & Performance
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Wicks Sweat Away
Pain Support

Copper Be a Powerful Force for People With Arthritis

Some medical notes about copper and arthritis.

✔ Several years ago, many people wore copper bracelets to help with pain. Today, people with for pain have discovered that copper insoles can alleviate foot pain...and pain elsewhere.

✔ Cardiologist Dr. John Coltart observed early in his career that people who worked with copper rarely suffered from arthritis. 

✔ "Most of us know abut the benefits of iron in medicine but although copper has been around since time began we have never really appreciate it properly until now," he says.

✔ Dr. Coltart stated that copper can reduce anemia and bone disease fight cell damage, and promote fetal development.

✔ Copper doesn't help everyone but it has helped millions around the world deal with joint discomfort.

✔ One of those people is well-known actress Kathleen Turner

✔ She had to deal with arthritis for 20 years but then she found a $50 pair of copper insoles banished her pain... as reported in The Daily Mail in England.

Plus there's a hidden benefit that comes with

Not playing your best golf? The culprit might be grip pressure... and the COPPER TECH GOLF GLOVE can help...

If you're suffering from joint discomfort in your hands, then you're probably gripping the club too tightly. When you grip the club too tightly, it becomes almost impossible to square the club at impact... this will lead to pushes and fat shots. Everything else can be fine but gripping the club too tightly WILL lead to poor results.

Ideally, you want to hold the golf club like you might hold a bird... lightly but with some firmness. The COPPER TECH GOLF GLOVE will help you grip the club with correct pressure... so you can make a full swing and square the face at impact.

And remember... correct grip pressure is especially important when it comes to the short game where touch and feel are so vital.

Recommended by PGA Professionals for Golfers With Joint Pain and Arthritis.